Company profile

Zhejiang Zhifutang Medical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is seated in Yiwu, Zhejiang, a highly-developed city with profound humanistic connotations that is honored as a business capital. The company is an innovative health service enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of external-use skin products, focusing on the application of technology to improve skin health at each life stage.

Ever since its founding, Zhejiang Zhifutang has been dedicated itself to meeting the demands of patients with various skins problems, beauty pursuers and professional skin nursing institutions in the hope of becoming an innovative new chain service enterprise in the fields of skin scientific research, sales and development.

With pursuing excellent quality, improving people’s health level as tenet, the enterprise firmly believes that integrity is precious that lasts long and forever. The subordinate brand “Laokuangjia” relies on the spirits of unity, pragmatism, fighting and innovation to move towards harmony, innovation, benefit and brand.

To meet the development needs, the enterprise initiates overall planning, and creates a new mode combining Chinese and western medicine and a new retail mode of Internet “Laokuangjia Skin Care Store”. The store is committed to building a complete system of health management, continuously upgrading products and exploring market analysis, hoping to create a new engine of profit growth with overall planning, excellence pursuing and market competitiveness strengthening.

With the inheritance of prescription, experts and professional technicians in the industry make joint efforts to create product series.

The company provides standard and complete procedures from production to operation in compliance with national policies and relevant rules and regulations, aiming at standardized development and benefiting the masses. The procedures of joining “Laokuangjia” are simple, saving time and energy.

Flexible operation maximizes the ultimate profit. With the company’s entire-course of technical support and guidance, operation on zero basis is also available. Starting from actual conditions, the operational risks will be reduced to zero.

By joining Laokuangjia, we create a better and promising future together.