The Source of lao kuang jia

Laokuangjia – The Century-old Skin Therapist that Inherits Medical Spirit
Influenced by his father, Mr. Kuang has mastered true medical skills and sprits of traditional Chinese medicine. During Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty, his father served as a royal court physician, known as Kuang Imperial Physician. The imperial doctor was often rewarded by the Emperor in recognition of his masterly medical skill, but he took medical spirit as his own duty for being indifferent to fame and fortune. In his spare time, the Imperial Physician read, sought herbs and experimented with best prescriptions.

Following the downfall of the Qing Dynasty’s and the death of his father, Mr. Kuang left Beijing to Changsha practicing medicine. He still persisted in studying medical technologies as what his father educated him, though he, with mercy and super medical skills, earned a little fame locally. Mr. Kuang, often with his wife, gathered herbs on the mountain, dried, ground and caned them back home. In this way, he benefited the locals greatly. As one of best doctors, he excelled in skin diseases and unknown swelling, curing countless patients. After that, the doctor ran a chemist and named it “Laokuangjia Pharmacy”. During his practice, Mr. Kuang, as a generous man, always tried his best to aid the poor patients in need. In return, he was loved and esteemed by the locals. “Laokuangjia Pharmacy” gained its fame through word of mouth.

It was the time of the Second Changsha Battle that made civilians homeless and sick. Doctor Kuang decided to dedicate himself to saving lives and helping many through medical practice. Sometimes he gave them medicine free of charge to poverty-stricken patients. One morning, Mrs. Kuang wanted to pick wild herbs as usual. When she opened the door, she saw a Kuomintang wounded soldier lying before. The old lady was horrified and called out her husband hurriedly. By observing his complexion and feeling his pulse, the practitioner knew he was still alive. Then the couple carried him into their room, filling him with potion. For a good while, the wounded soldier opened his eyes, but was unable to speak.

The kind-hearted couple thought: soldiers shedding their blood for the country, so we must treat him as our own family since there is no home without the country. Hence they took him in. The old man helped clean his wounds and gathered herbs good for the wounded, while his wife fed him with the medicine decocted and nursed him.

More than a month later, the soldier had recovered and was returning to his unit. Just before he left, he knelt down before the Kuang couple, saying: “you are my second parents, but I can do nothing for you! Publicly, the only thing I can do is to return to the frontline to kill more enemies. Privately, I have a secret prescription handed down from ancestors to cure psoriasis. From generation to generation, it was only passed on to the eldest son. But today I break that rule to leave it to you, my saviors. Thank you for saving my life.” Doctor Kuang got the folk prescription for treating psoriasis. Combined with his own experience in practicing medicine, he ensured that indeed was one of best prescriptions.

Mr. Kuang then used the prescription to treat psoriasis in local. It had a remarkable curative effect. With mouth-by-mouth passing on, he was known as a well-known doctor for treating this persistent ailment. To help more patients, he started a clinic - “Laokuangjia” at where he settled down. Since then, he had dedicated to treating skin diseases for decades.

From then on, whenever there was someone suffering from skin disorders, he went to the clinic, Laokuangjia for treatment. While practicing, Doctor Kuang passed on all what he knew in his whole life to the younger generation. On his deathbed, the old man told his descendants that they should practice abiding by the medical knowledge to benefit more.

Time slipped till the 21st century, his grandchildren had set up a skin care company, Zhejiang Zhifutang Medicine Science and Technology Co., Ltd. following what ancestors had told with the mission of promoting the century-long skin therapy. It is an Innovative healthcare service in a nationwide chain, specializing a combination of the R&D, production and sales of skin care products, and focusing on the improvement of skin health at each life stage with scientific methods. Never forgetting the original purpose of Laokuangjia, Zhejiang Zhifutang inherits the century-year old skin therapy and spreads benevolence and morality, keeping everyone away from skin diseases and enjoying good skin care and a healthy lifestyle.