Project Analysis

1 A wide range of customer resources

2 High therapeutic cost for kin diseases

3 Few professional skin institutions

In the medical field, skin disease is common and prevalent, featured with a wide morbidity range and a variety of conditions, and a long therapeutic duration, said Yin Dakui, former vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Health and honorary President of Chinese Medical Doctor Association. By 2014, it was reported that there were nearly 150 million people in China suffering from skin diseases while about 420 million around the world; the number of patients with pathological skin diseases were still increasing year after year, with the trend of a younger age; and especially affected by the living environment, more cases of skin disease were found in less developed region and poor neighborhood. An alarm was raised for our health and economic growth, due to the high cost, relapse and delay treatment. Common skin problems, such as allergies and pruritus, trouble almost any of us every day, but it is expensive and overcrowded in skin disease specialist hospitals. There are very few professional institutions focusing on the skin problems. Laokuangjia is one of them fighting for the solution to skin issues for years.