Industry dynamics

She once made the whole of Hong Kong crazy. She was abandoned by the wealthy because of skin diseases. Nobody dares to marry now!

Speaking of Zhou Haimei, in fact, there are very few people who know her in today's society.
Zhou Haimei is a star in Hong Kong, so people in mainland China are very little familiar with her, but Zhou Haimei is a very powerful woman. Zhou Haimei didn't really want to enter the entertainment circle at that time. She wanted to run for Miss Hong Kong, but unexpectedly she failed. But Zhou Haimei appeared in the public eye once and was remembered.
After that, some directors found Zhou Haimei and asked her if she had any plans to enter the entertainment circle. Zhou Haimei also considered it at that time and finalized a role with the director. Zhou Haimei is really very powerful. The first performance can give a vivid image of the role, and Zhou Haimei also succeeded because of this opportunity.
Zhou Haimei also put all her focus on filming, and everybody's love for Zhou Haimei is growing, Zhou Haimei's later roles are also called classics, after which many people played her role at that time, but the response is not as good as her then, which is really Zhou Haimei's most successful point.
At that time, Zhou Haimei really did not exaggerate that she really made the whole Hong Kong crazy for her for a period of time. Zhou Haimei had been in such a big fire for many years, and then she met a rich man and chose to marry. It is also true that many people's dreams have been shattered. Zhou Haimei was not very happy after her marriage, because the rich man did not really love her.
But Zhou Haimei has stepped into this trap, she has no other choice, so Zhou Haimei spent several years in unhappy life. However, unfortunately, Zhou Haimei suffered from a skin disease later, and the rich man saw Zhou Haimei like this, but also very firmly abandoned Zhou Haimei. Zhou Haimei, who was abandoned by the big family because of skin diseases, also looked down on everything.
After that, she was also actively treated, and after recovering, she chose to re-enter the entertainment industry, but many people have forgotten her, and now Zhou Haimei has not reached her peak, and now she can only play some supporting roles. And there are 12,000 Baidu myopia of her, but now no one dares to marry, but now Zhou Haimei is very satisfied with their life now.
I hope she can get better and better. Bless her!