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420 million people in the world suffer from dermatosis. China accounts for nearly 150 million people.


The Launching Ceremony of the Shanghai Station of the National Dermatology Relief Project
People's Internet, Shanghai, August 12 (Xinhua) "China National Dermatology Relief Project" Shanghai Station Launching Ceremony and East China Youth Vitiligo Diagnosis and Treatment Seminar was held in Shanghai Science Hall on August 10.
Professor Wen Hai, chairman of the Professional Committee of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases of the Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, pointed out at the meeting that skin diseases are one of the diseases that seriously affect people's work, life, psychology and health. He hoped that this public welfare activity would build an authoritative, nationwide platform for academic dissemination and expert exchange of dermatology, and actively promote the diagnosis and treatment of dermatology in China through collaborative development. Research and development. At the same time, we will gather authoritative dermatologists from all over the country, focusing on providing treatment opportunities for dermatologists in urban and rural areas, especially in rural areas, so as to comprehensively improve the level of skin health and hygiene of the whole people. The launching of the Shanghai Station of the National Dermatology Relief Project will play a positive role in the prevention and treatment of skin diseases in China. At the same time, it will strengthen the communication between domestic medical experts and further improve the overall level of the prevention and treatment of skin diseases in China, especially the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent vitiligo.
Professor Zhang Jinzhong, deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the National Dermatology Relief Project, pointed out that in order to carry out the important guiding spirit of the Party Central Committee concerning people's livelihood and caring for people's livelihood, and to remind the masses of the concern about the harm of skin diseases, in order to enable patients with skin diseases, especially poor patients with skin diseases, to receive timely and effective treatment, the Committee of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases of the Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine Members'Association and Beijing Evidence-based Medical Research Center jointly sponsored the "National Dermatology Relief Project China Travel" public welfare activities to mobilize the whole society to pay attention to skin diseases, remind the masses, better understand their health status, and master more knowledge of skin disease prevention and health maintenance. The large-scale public welfare activities are embodied in health census, free free free clinic, poverty relief, expert consultation of difficult cases, etc. Its goal is to complete the assistance plan for 31 provinces and cities in seven years, so that the masses can benefit, so that more people in need can feel the warmth of the government and the care of the society.
Yin Dakui, former vice-minister of the Ministry of Health and honorary president of the Chinese Medical Association, said that dermatosis is a common and frequently-occurring disease in medicine. It has the characteristics of a wide range of diseases, a variety of conditions and a long treatment period. By 2014, about 420 million people worldwide had skin diseases, of which nearly 150 million were in China; the number of patients with pathological skin diseases was increasing year by year, and the age of patients was getting younger and younger; especially in areas affected by the living environment, where economic development was backward and poverty-stricken, dermatosis was more frequent. Because of the high cost of treatment, repeated illness and delayed illness, it sounds an alarm for healthy survival and economic and social development. In order to provide better treatment for the majority of dermatosis patients, new breakthroughs in dermatology medical field were explored through academic discussions on dermatology.
The Organizing Committee of the National Dermatology Relief Project officially authorized Shanghai Huafu Hospital to be the only designated medical institution in Shanghai Station, and established the "Million-million-dollar Dermatology Rehabilitation Medical Assistance Fund" as a fund for dermatology health screening activities and medical assistance. In the next six months, 1000 citizens will be able to conduct free allergen screening and enjoy free Wood Lamp examinations on the basis of Internet and telephone appointments. And so on.
Since the launch of the large-scale public welfare activities of the National Dermatology Relief Project, nearly 100 well-known experts have joined the expert advisory group, organized nearly 100 science publicity sessions, and provided free medical treatment to more than 200 poverty-stricken patients. At the same time, a consultation project of experts on difficult cases was held to relieve the pain of nearly 100 difficult patients.